Men Who Secretly Love Downton Abbey

I greatly enjoy Downton Abbey. The drama, the  formalities, the tea, the fancy clothes, and snarky, witty remarks. Love it. All of it. And, I’m not afraid to admit it. So, here’s the curious thing. I have two male friends who watch the show, but won’t admit it widely. Only a couple of us fellow viewers who have been sworn to secrecy know that they watch it. That’s right, it’s all very hush-hush, just like Edna’s affair with Branson.

“Why the secrecy? ” you ask in incredulous tones. “What could possibly compel them from participating in such rich water-cooler discussions?”

Friend #1 believes that his wider circle of sports-loving, beer-drinking friends will taunt him. (And knowing those guys, he’s probably right.) He can’t bear the idea of such humiliation and its resulting loss of respect. So, he chooses to watch by his lonesome and discuss Lady Mary’s frosty demeanor, Carson and Mrs. Hughes’ unrequited love, and Thomas’ schemings behind closed doors with his chosen few.

Friend #2 is sure that Downton Abbey falls in the same category of “Anglophile pretentiousness” as Dr. Who and Sherlock. That is, Americans who watch these are a bunch of wannabes who quote these shows to demonstrate just how very clever they are. His wife watches, so, of course, he must helplessly watch along with her. Problem is, he really digs Downton Abbey. He just can’t admit it openly because he’s spent so much time dissing it and the people who watch it.

This leads me to the biggest and most important question of all:

Where can I get this dress?! Because it is simply stunning!!!


Seriously, if you have info on where I can purchase a version of it, let me know!

Okay, back to the topic at hand. I think it’s too bad these dudes are too scared or ashamed to admit they watch and love Downton Abbey. Haven’t we yet  gotten to a place in the good ol’ USA where red-blooded men can hunker down on the couch and turn on the TV to enjoy the love-lives and financial issues of English folks in the 1920s? Are we really so very narrow minded, people?

Should these very manly men come out of the drawing room and admit they watch Masterpiece Theater? Or must they hide forever in the stables like a scullery maid waiting for her tryst with the footman?

Do you know of any closet DA viewers?

2 thoughts on “Men Who Secretly Love Downton Abbey

  1. I know several men, hunky, rough, and tumble cowboys from Texas who love Downton Abbey and some of them live at my house!! Its just such higher quality tv than all the other crap on tv now. Also loved The Paradise! I can’t wait for that to return!


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