Hello from Prague! (Travelogue, part 1)

September and October 2003

Hello from Prague, or as the locals say, Dobry den!

The trip has been great so far.  London was a whirlwind of sights: museums, cathedrals, parks, fancy dept. stores and my old stamping grounds.  We filled in every moment of our week there and are still trying to catch up on sleep.  No time for jet lag: there was too much to do and see.  Fish and chips abounded!  Paul has conceded that I was correct when I said that  US fish and chips pale in comparison to the original Brit ones.  I completely carb-overloaded on the chips, but it was well worth it!  Only downside is the nasty habit of smoking, prevalent everywhere, including restaurants.  We’re so used to non-smoking establishments that we kept forgetting to ask for the non smoking section until it was too late. Ick.

We’ve been in Prague for 2 days and it truly is as wonderful as everyone says.  It’s like fairytale land.  You can just imagine a  princess waving from the multiple high towers around the center of the city.  So clean, so civilized, so pretty and genteel.

(As I write this, I’m sitting in a laundromat, waiting for the wash to be done.  Got to love the e-connection.)  We’re staying in a working class neighborhood about 20 minutes out of the town center, but very easy with the metro and tram services.  We’ve yet to sample the yummy pastries we were told about, but Paul had golash (sp?) and enjoyed it greatly.

Czech is a very difficult language and we’ve only managed to figure out the basics of hello, goodbye, thank you, and please.Actual sentences are beyond our ability at the moment.

Weather has been great all around.  Off to Vienna in a few days.

Hope you’re all well.
Rita and Paul

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